Katie Kantz was awarded the Golden Apple

Katie Kantz was awarded the Golden Apple

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  • Kantz has been teaching for roughly 15 years and her colleagues say it’s the passion she brings with her to work every day that makes her so special. “As an employee, I couldn’t ask for more. She’s just one of those people that wants to do everything and anything she can to make this a better place and a more enjoyable place for not only the students, but for her colleagues as well,” said Principal Danielle Edmunds. Edmunds adds Kantz helps students in her classroom recognize their surroundings and respect those around them.

  • Congratulations to Katie Kantz, this week’s Golden Apple winner! Mrs. Kantz teaches social studies and English at Brighton’s Twelve Corners Middle School. It’s more than just being a good student in her class; it’s also about learning how to be a good human being. “Caring for one another and caring for our community,” said Kantz. “In our classroom, we talk a lot about social justice and how we can grow up to be leaders in our society.”

Over the years, Kantz has had quite the impact on her students. 6th grader Isabella Williams says Kantz has helped her enjoy school again. “She’s a very good teacher, she’s energetic, she makes me love reading and writing and learning in general, and she introduced me to my best friends,” Williams said. Williams says Mrs. Kantz inspired her love of reading and writing, so much so that she joined the school’s newspaper club. In her role, she writes articles about sports and video games.

Edmunds added that the award speaks to the work Mrs. Kantz is doing in her classroom. “It took Isabella time and not only did she need to think about it, but she wrote a lengthy letter, and she shared a lot of information about the impact that Mrs. Kantz had on her,” Edmunds said. Congratulations to Mrs. Kantz! Thank you for all you do in our community. If you know a teacher you’d like to nominate for a Golden Apple Award, you can find nomination forms here.

“No other teacher made that connection to me, so I think having her inspire this love of reading and writing is cool,” Williams said. She adds that Mrs. Kantz makes learning fun and even offers the students parties if they read a certain amount of books. For all these reasons, Williams wanted to recognize her teacher with a Golden Apple Award through News 8. “I’m very touched, I mean all the teachers in the building, we have amazing colleagues that we work with, and I’m very honored. So thank you very much,” Kantz said upon receiving the award.

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