John Githongo announces a 56-person team allegedly employed to hack IEBC

John Githongo announces a 56-person team allegedly employed to hack IEBC

News Summary:

  • Githongo introduced a whistleblower who he alleges was a member of the 56-person team recruited to falsify Forms 34A before they were uploaded to the IEBC system in an affidavit that was filed with the Supreme Court.

  • John Mark Githongo, a former journalist and corruption watchdog, produced an affidavit in which he claimed that 56 people were hired to hack into the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) computers during the election.

Githongo claims that the group consisted of 10 supervisors who oversaw the other 46 individuals entrusted with entering, accessing, and modifying data in the IEBC portal.

“Their task was to receive the Forms 34A from the KIEMS Kits which were sent to their server/platform which he termed as Uchaguzi Tallying. After receiving the said data, they would edit the necessary form 34A’s according to the instructions given to them by their leaders and thereafter upload the said edited Form 34A’s to the IEBC portal.

He continued by saying that because the team was told to retain the total number of legal votes cast, the only method to tamper with the results was to transfer votes from one presidential candidate to another.

“The team was indoctrinated on the phrase “freedom is coming “and that they needed to be freed from dynasties; in this case the Petitioner,” read the affidavit in part.

In the affidavit, Githongo also stated that, in order to protect himself and his family, he had obtained the whistleblower’s personal information and had videotaped his statement.

The leaker asserted that employees of the election commission’s IT division assisted in carrying out the operation.

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