Jett The Far Shore release date and time on PS4, PS5 and PC

Jett The Far Shore release date and time on PS4, PS5 and PC

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  • Jett The Far Shore has been one of the most anticipated indie titles of this year for both PlayStation and PC players. The game managed to draw the attention of many gamers around the world to itself since its announcement trailer was showcased, revealing the game’s unique art style and somewhat dark and gloomy atmosphere.

  • The Jett The Far Shore release date and time is less than 24 hours away, and that makes it the best time to talk about the game’s launch details.

Jett The Far Shore follows the story of a group of people that land on a new planet in hope of survival. As a scout called Mei, you land on an ocean of the planet with your Jett and start exploring the new homeland for humanity.

Now, if you are interested enough in Jett The Far Shore, let’s see when the game will come out exactly.

As a single-player experience, Jett The Far Shore offers an exploration-based journey rather than an action-packed one. That being said, the game does feature some action scenes.

Jett the Far Shore will be available on October 5 in most regions of the world, however, some regions would gain access later on October 4th. Below, you can check out the exact release time for different regions.

October 4 at 9 pm PT

October 5 at 12 am ET/4 am UTC/5 am BST/6 am CEST/1 pm JST.

The release times above are based on the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game. The PC version will be exclusive to Epic Games Store, and while the release time for it has not been shared yet, it’s expected to launch around the same time as for PlayStation consoles. Up Until today, the developers behind Jett The Far Shore has not revealed any plans for releasing an Xbox or a Nintendo Switch version of the game.

JETT is a single-player adventure that puts players in the role of Mei, a scout sent alongside a group of explorers to an alien, ocean planet where her people hope to forge their new future. Players will explore the planet via a “jett,” a ship that can skim across land and sea, as they investigate local flora and fauna, encounter new challenges, and seek to understand the source of the mysterious “hymnwave,” which has been the impetus for Mei’s people to look to the stars for salvation.  


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