Jabra’s New Wireless Earbuds: 3 Things You Should Know

Jabra's New Wireless Earbuds: 3 Things You Should Know

Tech Highlights:

  • The Jabra Elite 65t, 75t, and 85t have become some of the most popular wireless earbuds, consistently appearing on “best of” lists.

  • Jabra’s Elite line of true wireless earbuds is one of the most loved around the world.

But now, Jabra is ringing the changes and phasing out the Elite series—well, the 65t and 75t, at least. In their place come three new models: the Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active, and Elite 3.

Jabra’s New Earbuds Are Made For Different Use Cases
Jabra is phasing out the 65t and 75t earbuds but replacing them with three new models. Each of Jabra’s new models is built with a different use in case in mind.

So, here are three things you need to know about Jabra’s new wireless earbuds and whether the Elite 85t will be sticking around.

The new Jabra Elite 7 Pro is for those who want premium audio quality with maximum battery life, delivering up to nine hours on the earbuds with another 26 hours in the charging carry case.
The Elite 7 Active is set to fill the fitness role in Jabra’s true wireless earbud lineup, featuring something called “ShakeGrip,” a unique design to help the 7 Active remain firmly within your ear while working out.
The Elite 3 becomes Jabra’s budget wireless earbud option, delivering noise isolation and ambient listening modes, but not ANC.
So, what else is there to know about Jabra’s new earbuds?

1. The Elite 7 Pro Is Jabra’s New Premium True Wireless Earbud
Weighing in at $200, the Elite 7 Pro will become Jabra’s top earbud option, replacing the well-loved Elite 85T at the top of the pile. The 7 Pro buds will deliver outstanding battery life, delivering up to 35 hours of playback and firmly competing with other premium earbuds in this area (AirPods Pro have half the battery life, for example).

jabra elite 7 pro earbuds
The 7 Pro buds also come with an IP55 rating, Bluetooth 5.2 (enabling multipoint connections), 6mm drivers, and four microphones. Moreover, they look good, moving away from Jabra’s classic spherical design into something looking a little sleeker and are 16 percent smaller than the Elite 75t.

Perhaps most interestingly, the Elite 7 Pro buds include a bone conduction sensor that activates during phone calls and voice commands. The bone conduction sensor should deliver excellent voice clarity, working in conjunction with the four microphones (two on each earbud). 2. Jabra’s Elite 7 Active Are Made For Sports
Finding a perfect fit between true wireless earbuds and your workout routine isn’t easy. You need comfort and precision, and that’s exactly what Jabra hopes the Elite 7 Active earbuds will deliver.

jabra elite 7 active earbuds
Jabra hasn’t delivered much detail on how ShakeGrip works, but it looks like Jabra has overhauled its earbud design philosophy to create a bud “Designed to stay in. No matter how hard you work out.” Like the Elite 7 Pro, the 7 Active comes with 6mm drivers, a companion app packed with customizable EQs, ANC, ambient noise, and up to 35 hours of playback between the earbuds and charging carry case.

3. Jabra’s Elite 3 Will Dominate the Budget Earbud Market
The budget wireless earbud market is fiercely contested, and it looks like Jabra has thrown everything at it with the new Elite 3 earbuds. Retailing for $80, the Jabra Elite 3 earbuds pack in more features that you typically find at this price point, including IP55 water and dust protection, touch controls in each bud, voice assistant support, and more.

jabra elite 3 earbuds
While the battery life isn’t as substantial as the Elite 7 Pro or 7 Active, the Elite 3 still delivers 7 hours of playback on the earbuds, with a further 21 hours of playback in the carry case. Jabra Overhauls Earbud Range, But 85t Survives Cull
Jabra enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the Elite 85t hasn’t reached the chopping block. Jabra’s premium earbud option lives to fight another day, and so it should.

But for now, attention turns to Jabra’s overhauled true wireless earbuds. The specs on paper look outstanding. How they handle in-person remains to be seen, but I have high expectations for Jabra’s new earbuds.

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