It’s Strategy Day on Xbox Game Pass with two new tactical games for console, cloud and PC

It's Strategy Day on Xbox Game Pass with two new tactical games for console, cloud and PC

Tech Highlights:

  • Ring of Pain is a well-known title that has been played on Switch and PC. It’s currently playable on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.Ring of Pain is a unique spin on the collectible card game, since you play with a ring of cards rather than a board. These cards are a mix of your and enemy cards that symbolise a dungeon. The ring is punctuated by various creatures, and you must choose whether to combat them head-on with the cards next to them or sneak by them.

  • Strategy, depth, and RPG nerdiness are all present in today’s new Game Pass additions. Get your Mountain Dew and Doritos ready because you’re in for a long night of gaming.

Reviews on PC through Steam and Switch have been ace for Ring of Pain, complimenting its depth and originality. There are hundreds of cards to play with, including 180 treasures to seize, making Ring of Pain the definition of moreish. It’s now available to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S too.

You play Ashley S. Novak, a scientist in a mecha-suit (affectionately named Mr Riggs) who has jumped through a one-way portal to a world that may support life. Your task is to gather resources, build structures, and reach the point where you can construct a portal back home, saving the human race from extinction. It’s like The Martian, but swapping Matt Damon for a talking mech.

Very different, but still particularly strategic, is The Riftbreaker. Factorio and Command & Conquer fans, gird your loins, as this seems to be bringing RTS, survival and base-building joys to the Xbox Series X|S, PC and Cloud. We don’t get many RTS games round these parts.

Reviews are in the offing for both of these games, so return to our site soon to find out whether these two games are worth playing

The only announced Game Pass game yet to hit in October is The Good Life, which is appearing on Cloud, Console and PC on October 15th. We’re due an announcement on further Game Pass games any day now.

Not everything is sticking around, as games are also leaving Game Pass on October 15th, with Heave Ho (PC), Katana Zero (Cloud, Console, and PC), Scourgebringer (Cloud, Console, and PC), Tales of Vesperia HD (Console and PC) and The Swords of Ditto (PC) all exeunting left.

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