It is rumored that Apple is working on a pair of AirPods that can measure your body temperature

It is rumored that Apple is working on a pair of AirPods that can measure your body temperature

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  • Apple will not restrict health features to Apple Watch only, it is checking out the possibilities of adding health features such as body temperature monitor, hearing aid features and more. The report notes that it is not clear whether Apple “is developing specific new hearing-aid features for AirPods or wants to market the earbuds’ existing hearing-improvement features as hearing aids. AirPods Pro, Apple’s higher-end earbuds, already offer features to improve hearing, including “conversation boost,” launched last week, that increases the volume and clarity of people in front of the wearer.”

  • Apple AirPods might eventually have health-related functions. According to rumours, Apple is developing AirPods that will be able to detect the user’s body temperature, act as a hearing aid for individuals with hearing impairments, and assist them in correcting their postures. According to the rumours, Apple is looking at ways to make the AirPods more useful than only for listening to music. The features are being evaluated now and might be available by the end of the year.

The WSJ report has revealed that Apple has collaborated with the University of California, Los Angeles and pharmaceutical company Biogen for the iPhone feature that would help in detecting depression and cognitive decline. It has been reported that Apple will utilise biometric data of users to tell them about their mental health condition.

In fact, the report notes that the feature is already undergoing testing. The University of California, Los Angeles is studying stress, anxiety and depression with Apple Watch and iPhone data for 3,000 users who have volunteered to be tracked in the study. Another study with pharmaceutical company Biogen is also part of the trial.

the feature Apple may use sensor data that includes amount of sleep in a day, mobility, physical activities and how the user types on their phone to determine whether the user is suffering from depression or cognitive decline. Other data that Apple would use include facial expression analysis and heart rates using the powerful face scanning hardware in the iPhone.

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