It is a Laptop-Computer. It’s a projector to be precise. Is it both?

It is a Laptop-Computer.  It's a projector to be precise.  Is it both?

Tech Highlights:

  • It is thicker than your standard laptop, but it still looks mobile enough to get the job done. Especially, if the image is bright enough to compete with modern screens, while also being able to maintain competitive battery life. Over the last year, we have seen a number of portable projectors that sport an acceptable lumen count and battery life, including the XGIMI Halo+ projector. So it isn’t unrealistic to think that something like this could actually work out with modern-day technology.

  • This is an intriguing concept for a future notebook solution. A model that moves away from the traditional keyboard and screen layout and instead relies on projection to allow the notebook’s display to be adjusted in size. If Lenovo’s MOZI notebook were to hit the market, you’d get something like this. This notebook is a hybrid of a laptop and a UST (ultra-short-throw projector). Alternatively, it could be thought of as a portable UST with a built-in computer and a slide-out (“extendable”) keyboard. Something that hasn’t been done yet but may be really useful. It even has Dolby Atmos-capable speakers along the length of what looks to be the top (front).

Of course, this would mean that you’d need a screen or wall to project against. Which shouldn’t be too hard to find but still limits the use scenario compared to something with a built-in screen that can be used anywhere. For the moment, it is just a concept by Lenovo. So there is no official release date just yet (if it ever does release). This means there are also no available predictions on how much something like this would cost. UST projectors haven’t exactly been cheap, so this may reflect in the price of something like this all the same. Anker’s Nebula Astro Mini Portable Projector is really affordable right now

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