Is the site, iPhone, and Android app not available due to an Instagram 5xx server error?

Is the site, iPhone, and Android app not available due to an Instagram 5xx server error?

Tech Highlights:

  • A 5xx server error within Instagram or any other site means that there is a major problem on the server’s side, so unfortunately that means there is no fix for this on the user’s side except to wait for the problem to be corrected.

  • What is the Instagram 5xx server error? Is Instagram down right now, and if so, when will it be fixed? Everyone heading to the main site, including on both PC and mobile, is probably getting the weird Instagram 5xx error and are finding themselves unable to access the site — to either view or post pictures. It’s not just Instagram either, as both Instagram and Facebook are down right now. But is there a fix?

The good news is that there is no problem at all with the user’s side, so Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp being down has nothing to do with any problems on the user’s device. Nevertheless, an update or reinstall of the Instagram app may be required once the servers go back up, but for now the only thing users require is patience.

It’s not just Instagram that’s being affected, either. WhatsApp is currently down and stuck on “connecting” for most users, and Facebook is also completely unavailable right now. Unfortunately, these outages are all likely caused by issues on the server side, so all users wanting to access these social media platforms will simply have to wait for now.

It certainly seems like Instagram has these problems a lot where the entire site goes down, and the first thing Instagram users should do whenever they encounter problems with the site being down at this point is to manually check Instagram’s server status themselves. At this moment, it is very obvious that users over the world are having problems accessing Instagram, so hopefully the site will be up soon.

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