Is the gaming flagship suitable for everyday use?

Is the gaming flagship suitable for everyday use?

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  • This review will cover all the aspects of the device and explain everything more straightforwardly so that even someone who is not a gamer can understand the knits and stitches of the Asus ROG Phone 5s. How good is the gaming performance? Should a regular user invest in the smartphone? Keep reading to find out.

  • The Asus ROG Phone 5s is perfect for both gamers and regular users in a market where businesses are creating smartphones with huge screens and decent performance. The ROG Phone 5s and ROG Phone 5s Pro were launched in India in February after making its global debut in 2021. To summarise, the smartphone has a good-quality display, amazing speakers, and a solid gaming performance. Other features of the smartphone, including as the camera and battery life, are comparable to those found in similar price ranges.

The Asus ROG Phone 5s comes with a large 6.78-inch display that supports up to 144Hz refresh rate. Users can lock the refresh rate of the smartphone to 60 Hz, 120Hz, or 144Hz. There is an option to set it at ‘Auto’, which detects the type of content being viewed on-screen and adjusts the refresh rate accordingly. The AMOLED display has a touch sampling rate of 360Hz, a response time of 1ms and a touch latency of 24ms. While regular users might not be able to figure out the difference, gamers will cherish the device for these display characteristics. Since the screen can go up to 1200 nits, outdoor usage would not be an issue.

The Asus ROG Phone 5s performs well on benchmark applications, which are a great way to test a smartphone’s specifications. Upon running the Antutu benchmark application on the device, it scores a maximum of 7,79,154 points and a minimum of 7,63,450 over five different tests. Upon running another popular benchmarking application called Geekbench, the device scores between 1,117 to 1,071 on the single-core test and 3,480 to 3,102 on the multi-core test. Both the scores are decent and put the Asus ROG Phone 5s among the top-performing flagship smartphones.

Solid and consistent performance seems to be the forte of Asus ROG Phone 5s. The credit goes to the octa-core Snapdragon 888 Plus with a maximum clock speed of 2.95GHz. The processor is built on 5nm fabrication technology, which means it consumes lesser power while computing the same number of calculations compared to chipsets built on 7nm or 8nm technology. The processor is accompanied by the Adreno 660 with a maximum clock speed of 840MHz. The 8/128GB model showed no lag in day-to-day tasks. There were no frame drops while using the smartphone at a higher refresh rate.

This is the most crucial device aspect as the Taiwanese company places the ROG series of devices as dedicated gaming machines. While the smartphone’s benchmark scores are already mentioned above, the availability of graphics settings in the popular battle royal game called Battlegrounds Mobile India is considered the benchmark of the gaming performance of a smartphone. The Asus ROG Phone 5s can run BGMI in 90fps at the ‘Smooth’ graphics setting. The ‘Balanced, HD and HDR’ are available to play in the ‘Extreme’ frame rate. On these settings, the game runs smoothly, and there are no lags whatsoever.

Owing to Snapdragon 888 Plus’ high gaming performance, players can also run the game in ‘Ultra HD’ settings up to ‘Ultra’ frame rate. However, most players like to run their game at a lower graphic setting, at a higher frame rate. While the smartphone can sustain high-performance levels for an extended period, it tends to get a little warm during long hours of gaming. Those who wish to purchase the device specifically for gaming can also buy the cooling fan. While the smartphone’s battery is discussed at length in another section, the smartphone has a large 6,000 mAh battery that can easily last for hours of heavy gaming. Additionally, the smartphone has two dedicated modes for increasing the performance called X mode and X Mode Plus.

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