Is PS a good investment now? The pros and cons of Sony’s game streaming service

Is PS a good investment now?  The pros and cons of Sony's game streaming service

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  • But what benefits does PlayStation Now offer, and what is it missing? If you’ve had your eye on PS Now but haven’t made the leap yet, let’s inspect the game streaming platform.

  • PlayStation Now (PS Now) has been gathering more and more attention over the years, with Sony refining and improving its game streaming service.

What Is PlayStation Now?
PlayStation Now is Sony’s game streaming service and gives you hundreds of games for a subscription of $9.99/month, $24.99/quarter, or $59.99/year, with a free trial for you to test out the service.

What We Love About PlayStation Now

PS Now includes access to some 800 plus games for you to stream, spanning the PS2, PS3, and PS4 generations, with select titles eligible for you to download to your console. You can access PS Now on your PS5, PS4, or Windows PC.

Starting with the benefits, here are the reasons that make a case for why you should use PlayStation Now.

1. PS Now Offers Great Value for Money
Off the bat, what you’ll notice with PS Now is the sheer amount of games available with the service. For the price of a full RRP game per year (or less if games are moving to $70), you’ve got access to literally hundreds of titles that you can play as much as you please. That’s incredible value.

These aren’t just filler titles, either. You’ll find some of the PS4’s best exclusives here, giving you hundreds of quality hours of gaming with unlimited access, no matter your subscription.

2. You Can Stream Hundreds of Games Spanning Multiple Console Generations
PS Now PS3 Games section
If you’re looking to play older games but don’t want to pay for both the game and console (not to mention, some physical copies of older games can be really expensive), then PS Now’s library of PS2, PS3, and PS4 games is perfect for you. With access to all these games, PS Now essentially removes the lack of backward compatibility on the PS4 and PS5 with PS2 and PS3 titles. PS Now allows you to play all of your games on one console, accessible anytime you wish.

3. Many Games Are Fully Downloadable on PS Now
PS Now Nioh 2 selected
We all know a big problem with streaming games is that it depends on your internet connection. If your internet isn’t all that great, then you’re going to run into multiple issues when streaming games, such as lag, performance issues, graphical bugs, and so on.

Thankfully, a huge amount of PS Now’s titles are fully downloadable, meaning that, as long as you’re subscribed, you’re playing the game as if you’ve digitally purchased it. This removes any problems that might arise from your internet connection, letting you enjoy your chosen game at its best.

4. You Can Stream PS Now on a Windows PC
A significant feature of PlayStation Now is that it’s not limited to Sony’s consoles—you can stream PS Now titles on your Windows PC. As many PlayStation games are exclusive to Sony’s consoles, this is the closest we have right now to a Sony PC experience. This is a great way to play Sony games if you’re away from your console, offering a lot more flexibility as to when and where you want to play. A really neat addition by Sony.

5. PS Now Features New Monthly Additions Another prominent feature of PS Now is that the service adds new titles each month. This offers an incentive to keep the subscription; a game you’ve had your eye on for a while might become the next addition to PlayStation Now.

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