is Facebook Low? Android users are not allowed on Apple’s hidden social media platform

is Facebook Low?  Android users are not allowed on Apple's hidden social media platform

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  • If we think about it, Apple is like that control freak partner, who wants to pull the strings, so that might be another reason for their lack of social media activity. The iPhone is an epitome of that – everything from the hardware to software is designed and controlled by Apple, and how can you argue against that? It’s what allows your 5+ years of software updates, for example. But what if Apple got on the other side of social media? Some might say “the dark side”. What if Apple made a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

  • Many say Apple isn’t very active on social media platforms, essentially because the company doesn’t want to open the lane for negative comments. For example, you can see a bunch of these under Apple’s Facebook profile photo, and that’s because people don’t have anywhere else to put them. The company’s YouTube page disables comments for videos, but allows likes/dislikes, and all in all, it almost feels like Apple has Twitter and Facebook accounts just because.

In the mids of Facebook’s meltdown, which naturally dragged WhatsApp and Instagram down too, people scrambled to find other ways to… keep doing what they usually do – chat, share media, and mainly consume, consume, and consume.

Ironically, Twitter went down for some users due to the insane level of activity after the Facebook outage. Messaging platforms like Telegram and Signal used the opportunity to poke fun at Facebook but also welcome users to their independent platforms with a promise for privacy (that sort of is Apple’s thing). In fact, both Telegram and Signal saw a big hike in new users, with the former reporting 70 million added accounts in just one day!

To understand the opportunity on the table when something like that happens, we need to look at Twitter – the biggest platform that welcomed “literally everyone” within two hours of Facebook-owned apps going down at around 11:40 a.m. ET on Monday.

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