Is Exo One available with Xbox Game Pass?

Is Exo One available with Xbox Game Pass?

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  • The game’s creators describe it as follows: “…a gravity-defying interplanetary trip through space and time. Master an alien traversal mechanism and traverse intriguing and bleak places like you’ve never seen before. To achieve huge speeds and amazing heights, use gravity and momentum.”

  • Future Friends Games’ indie exploration adventure game Exo One has garnered mostly positive reviews from critics and players alike.

Yes, Exo One is on the Xbox Game Pass. The game was available on the service day one of its release.

The addition to the service was announced on Nov. 16, with Xbox saying, “Exo One (Cloud, Console, and PC) – November 18. Available on day one with Xbox Game Pass.”

Introduced to the service in Nov. 2021, players can now take advantage of all that Exo One has to offer for a small amount of money by paying for Game Pass.

The game itself was in development for 5 years, according to Jay Weston, the game’s creator.

If you’re interested in playing the game, it can be played on console systems such as the Xbox and directly on their website, and on PC via the Cloud or for download on Steam.

With a 93% very positive review on Steam, players of the game have mentioned that Exo One is visually beautiful and highly atmospheric. Although the game takes only an hour or two to complete, Sci-Fi and space fans have mentioned that the game is worth the experience and have praised the atmospheric effects.

There have been a few complaints over the game, the biggest one revolving around a level towards the halfway point of the game. A few players found themselves close to turning the game off, but have mentioned that once this stage is cleared, the game remains enjoyable. Although Exo One is not available on PS5, players can buy the game on Steam or Xbox for $16.99. The game is also currently included with the Xbox Game Pass membership. It is unknown whether Exo One will be available on PS5 as Jay Weston, developer of Exo One, has not mentioned the game being available for PS5 yet.

There may be future plans to add Exo One to PS5 as fans on Twitter have been asking Exbleative if the game will be added to PS5. As the game continues to grow in popularity, PlayStation could see Exo One being added to its system. For those who have previously played and enjoyed indie games such as Journey or ABZÛ, Exo One is a game worth experiencing.

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