Is Clash of Clans coming to PC and console soon?

Is Clash of Clans coming to PC and console soon?

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  • They started out with Clash of Clans and now have a whole cell gaming universe including Clash Royal, Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Brawl Stars. Logically the next step for Supercell should be expanding to other platforms like consoles and PC. That is exactly what they plan to do!

  • Hello, chief, we have some exciting news concerning your village’s future in Supercell’s Clash of Clans. It’s hard to imagine Clash of Clans was released nine years ago, and time has just flown by. Though it isn’t as well-known as it once was, it is still one of the finest strategy games ever created. It still has over 130 million average monthly users, which is impressive given that some believe it is fading. So, no, it isn’t going out of style anytime soon. In fact, it’s possible that it’ll be available on additional platforms shortly.

Earlier in the month, Supercell announced its plans to open the first game studio based in North America. They have stated that the focus of the expansion will be on something fans have not yet seen from Supercell. They refer to cross-platform games here as so far, they just have cell properties to their name.

Cross platform introduction would open the doors for the existing games making their debut on PC and consoles. Clash of Clans is their best, OG, and the most popular game, so making it a cross platform experience would be amazing. Players do want that since a long time and many of them use tools like Bluestacks to play COC on PC.

It seems like the Finnish video game developer is in full swing to introduce cross-platform gaming. Their recruitment post was quite detailed and stated their vision and expectations clearly. Though the post mainly focuses on introducing new IPs and games which would be un-supercell-like, there’s room for more.

So, there is already a demand for it and other than that, it could capture a whole new set of gamers as well. Many gamers just play on PC or consoles, so Supercell can target them with cross-platform release as well. As for existing mobile player, it would be a move that would receive a very warm welcome. There is no official confirmation of the same but after 9 years, it finally seems possible!

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