iPhone prevents a bullet from killing a Ukrainian soldier: watch the trending video

iPhone prevents a bullet from killing a Ukrainian soldier: watch the trending video

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  • His iPhone saved the life of a Ukrainian soldier. Learn how by reading. Read this article carefully. An iPhone in war-torn Ukraine narrowly saved a soldier’s life in a viral video. Reddit was used to spread the video. In the footage, a Ukrainian soldier is seen removing his iPhone from his bag. The destroyed phone with the bullet inside is visible in the footage. On the clip, which has since gone viral, no other information was provided.

Meghan failed to stay silent on Harry relationship despite ‘strict orders’ from princeCut VAT on fuel NOW!’ Sunak faces drivers’ rage as EU stands in way of UK-wide reduction BBC announces TV channel change that will affect Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media users SAMSUNG makes some of the finest Android phones on the planet and things could be about to get even better for fans of these devices thanks to an upcoming processor change 9 Comment section Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on Pinterest Copy link

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