iPad Pro 2 Latest Rumours Release Date, Price, Specifications

The iPad Pro 2 launch is an impressive prospect: when will it be released, and what new features and design changes. Will there be part 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch versions of that – will even be a 7.9-inch model, a kind of iPad Pro mini, or a new 10.5-inch.

Shortly before the March news, advised that Apple would only announce a reduced 9.7 to replace the iPad Air 2 while delaying the release date of iPad (including a new 10.5in iPad) till later in 2017 sources claimed these products would not be released til May or June.

There is no news on pricing but, so we only have the original Apple iPad Pro 2 pricing to go from. That starts at $599 for the 9.7-inch model and $799 for the 12.9-inch one, so with pricing likely to be related to the iPad it certainly won’t be easy on the wallet.

iPad Pro 2

The iPad 12.9 is connected to have a True Tone display following the iPad 9.7 does, Apple is possible to improve the screen too, but reasonably won’t change the resolution. A fingerprint scanner developed into the screen sounds like a large shot.

The location also foretells that the following Apple Pencil will have a clip on the bottom, like a pen, that would stop it from moving away across the touching table – and also mean you may clip it to your pocket.

The iPad 9.7 has a 12MP rear camera & a 5MP front-facing one, so we would require at least that from iPad

Chances are Apple won’t change the megapixel count, as both cameras on the iPad Pro 9.7 are now an upgrade on the iPad Pro 12.9’s camera. Though given that Apple stuck a larger lens on the Apple iPhone 7 and a dual-lens on the iPhone 7 Plus it’s reasonable that it will bring one of those to the iPad two version.

The Apple iPad Pro came with 2GB RAM (in the case of the 9.7-inch model) or 4GB (on the 12.90-inch version). We are fairly sure Apple will offer 4GB across the range. However, some believe it might be more beneficial. It wouldn’t be a new iPad externally a new processor, and Apple is rumored to be sticking an A10X processor in the 9.7-inch and 12.90-inch version.

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