Inteliquent works with Amazon Web Services to deliver crystal clear phone calls

Inteliquent works with Amazon Web Services to deliver crystal clear phone calls

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  • “Our award-winning noise suppression technology, Amazon Voice Focus, uses pre-trained deep machine learning to remove unwanted environmental and background noises that clutter calls,” said Sid Rao, General Manager, Amazon Chime SDK at AWS. “We are excited that Inteliquent is making this unique capability of the Amazon Chime SDK available to their customers on any of the more than 100 million phone numbers on their network.”

  • /PRNewswire/ — CHICAGO, Nov. 29, 2021 — Inteliquent, a major provider of cloud communications solutions for voice, messaging, and emergency services, has announced that it has integrated the Amazon Chime SDK’s noise suppression features into its voice network. This new machine learning capability, backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), increases phone conversation clarity by filtering out undesired background noises and focusing on the human voice. Customers can now boost productivity while reducing conversation time and eliminating friction and annoyance from their phone interactions by increasing the intelligibility of enterprise and call centre customer communications. Since the onset of the COVID health pandemic, the global workforce has experienced a seismic shift in organisations enabling totally remote or part-time in-office arrangements. Unwanted background noises, such as lawnmowers or barking dogs, impair the workforce’s communication sessions because they work from home. In addition, the capacity to prevent these disruptions necessitates the workforce’s participation.

Inteliquent integrated the Amazon Chime SDK seamlessly into their global phone network to eliminate disrupting and distracting background noises. Customers can purchase phone numbers or connectivity that automatically applies this innovative machine learning capability to their calls. Implementing this capability requires no changes to the enterprise phone network and works with any device the customer uses to place telephone calls. Inteliquent customers can choose to enable Amazon Voice Focus on any phone numbers they purchase from Inteliquent.

“This powerful combination of high-quality voice service and enhanced machine learning provides remote employees, on-the-go callers, and call centers with a superior calling experience unparalleled in the market,” said Surendra Saboo, President of Inteliquent. “Now you can have a stress-free calling experience without distracting background noises.” Ooma, a leading provider of voice and unified communications service to businesses and consumers, is among the first adopters of this new capability from Inteliquent. “Our early test results with Amazon Voice Focus demonstrate the technology can intelligently reduce background distractions that interfere with audio calls,” said Toby Farrand, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Ooma. “Ooma has been a pioneer in improving audio quality on phone calls, with initiatives such as prioritization of voice traffic, adaptive redundancy, Forward Error Correction coding and our patented Pure Voice technology. Working with Inteliquent, we look forward to making Amazon Voice Focus technology available to our customers.”

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