Install ifconfig if it is not already installed on Debian 11 or 10

Install ifconfig if it is not already installed on Debian 11 or 10

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  • This guide will show you how to install the ifconfig command on Linux distributions based on Debian and Red Hat, as well as how to use the newer ip a command, which is supposed to replace ifconfig.

  • After years of recurrent usage, most long-time Linux users have the ifconfig command scorched into our minds. Some people are taken aback when they type the command and receive an error message (ifconfig command not found). Although the command has been deprecated, the ifconfig command can still be installed.

The ifconfig command is a useful utility to display and set network configuration on Ubuntu and Debian Linux systems. This command is available under the net-tools package is replaced with modern iproute2 Debian packages.

The netstat command is considered obsolete and was deprecated and replaced by the ss command. The ss command is faster and consumes fewer resources than netstat. The ss command is faster than netstat because it reads information directly from the kernel. When netstat checks every PID under /proc, ss directly acquires the statistics information under /pro/net. It is highly recommended that Linux users adopt the new alternative (ss) over netstat and the same for all other tools included in iproute2.

Like all packages belonging to the net-tools collection, the command netstat isn’t included in new Linux distributions such as Debian 11. This tutorial explains how to add the netstat command on Debian 11, its predecessors, and based Linux distributions such as Ubuntu.

As you could realize by reading this tutorial, installing netstat on Debian 11 is pretty easy. It doesn’t work on default new Linux installations because it isn’t included in the net-tools packages collection. Despite this tutorial answering how to make netstat work on Debian 11 and new distributions, using the ss command instead is the correct choice. There are no netstat functionalities that weren’t included in ss. Yet many users keep using the old netstat just because they are used to ( like the ifconfig command). By adding the net-tools package whose installation was explained in this tutorial, you’ll also get classic commands like ifconfig, route, or arp.

Thank you for reading this tutorial explaining how to install netstat on Debian 11. Keep following us for more Linux tips and tutorials.

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