Instagram adds new engagement insights for Reels and Instagram Live broadcasts

Instagram offers new insights into the engagement of Reels and Instagram Live broadcasts

As explained by Instagram: “Today, based on feedback from developers and companies, we’re giving insights for Reels and Live. We’ve been inspired by the way our community has adopted these content formats and want to make sure developers and businesses understand how their content works. “

Instagram is also adding these new elements to its Account Insights overview for a more complete picture of how Reels and Live affect an account’s performance over time.

It’s a significant addition to Instagram’s Insights data, which brings a ton of new information to the processing of Instagram business owners and creators.

This could lead to entirely new approaches to your posting strategy, with a better understanding of what exactly is going down with your audience and where you can improve based on format-specific data.

“We are also publishing new detailed information on Reach in Account Insights. We know it’s important to know more about how content is distributed. That’s why we’ve created new breakdowns that provide visibility into what types of accounts you’re reaching and what content formats are most effective

Reach. “This is an important update for social media marketers that has a lot more information to help them find the best path for your business. And while not everyone is investing in reels just yet, this could become a bigger consideration as Instagram continues to test new ways to improve the option, while Instagram Live has seen a surge in recent months, partly due to the pandemic and searchers is due alternative social connection and then due to the rise of the social audio format, with Instagram adding live broadcasts with audio only last month.

With that in mind, it is probably worth experimenting with both formats – and now you can tell exactly how effective these tests are and what kind of response you will see about your insights. Instagram Insights are only available for business and creator accounts in the app.

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