In the latest PC vs. Mac commercial, Intel conducts a “social experiment” with Apple supporters [Video]

In the latest PC vs. Mac commercial, Intel conducts a "social experiment" with Apple supporters [Video]

Tech Highlights:

  • Intel took 12 “genuine Apple devotees” to a focus group in the four-minute movie, which the firm described as a “social experiment” for “breaking the spell.” Apple aficionados were taken into an area that resembled an Apple Store under the premise of getting a peek at “upcoming gadgets.”

  • Intel continues to minimise the threat as Apple continues its extraordinarily successful move to Apple Silicon processors in the Mac. The chipmaker claims to have brought Apple lovers “together to let them appreciate the power of PC” in a new film released to YouTube.

“Total customization. Many modes. Endless play. We brought 🍎 fans together to help them see the power of PC,” Intel says.

Would you like to customize your computer?

The participants were then asked questions and shown a variety of features that were actually available on PCs that you can buy today.

What is your laptop missing?

What if your laptop could fold into a tablet?

Shrout claims that all of the reactions of the people in the video are “real” and “not scripted.” You can check out the full video below to see for yourself.

Since Apple started the transition away from Intel to Apple Silicon in the Mac, Intel has made a variety of attempts to downplay the threat from Apple. Intel’s “GoPC” ad campaign has been running on the web, social media, TV, and more, touting things that users can do on a PC but not on a Mac. The company even enlisted former “I’m a Mac” star Justin Long for the ads.

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