In Google Calendar, Google Tasks will soon replace Assistant’s reminders

In Google Calendar, Google Tasks will soon replace Assistant's reminders

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  • This way things are far more centralized, and a lot less confusing. This follows the news that surfaced earlier this month, which said that Google Assistant is losing the ability to set both location-based and assigned reminders. ‘Google Reminders’ have been around for a long time. The main way people used it was through Google Assistant, though. They’re integrated into a lot of services, but were always conflicting with Google Tasks… in a way. Let’s just hope that the transition will be smooth. What’s interesting is that Google Calendar still says “All your reminders are still available in Google Keep”. Needless to say, that’s a bit weird, as the Keep app only shows reminders that are assigned to notes, and not your entire to-do lists, notes 9to5Google.

  • Google Tasks will soon replace Google Assistant’s ‘Reminder’ in the company’s Calendar app, according to a new report. Note that vulnerability was discovered in Google Calendar version 2022.24.0.x, which has not yet been widely distributed. In Google Calendar, Google Tasks will take the role of Assistant’Reminders. However, starting with that version, Assistant’s Reminders will be renamed Google Tasks. That is a long-overdue and much-welcomed change. Having both is entirely unneeded, and if you’ve used both services before, you’ll understand what I mean. They both effectively accomplish the same thing, so there’s no purpose in comparing them.

Let’s hope Google will turn the existing reminders into Tasks. It would be nice if Google turned existing reminders into Tasks. That way the transition would be a lot smoother. Whatever the company ends up doing, I just hope they won’t simply remove Reminders altogether, so that people don’t miss some of them. For those of you who are unaware of what Google Tasks is, it’s essentially Google’s services for managing to-dos. That service and app have deep integration with Google services, including Gmail, and it can be accessed from the sidebar when you’re using Gmail on your PC. Google Tasks service is free to use, of course

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