In a new patent, Samsung’s double-folding phone design is revealed once again

In a new patent, Samsung's double-folding phone design is revealed once again

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  • Interestingly, the patent sketches also describe how Samsung might distribute the phone’s internals across the three sections. Only the rear and front folding portions of the phone house batteries and circuit boards. The middle section provides structural rigidity and strength to the device and seemingly lacks any critical internals. Notably, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen or heard of Samsung’s plans for a double-folding device. In April 2021, a slightly different patent design emerged detailing an alternative take to the dual-folding system. A few months later, Samsung outed a functional prototype of its “multi-foldable” format, giving us a real-life glimpse into how the device could work.

  • Samsung presently has two foldable phone models on the market. The Galaxy Z Flip series is recognised for its vertical, compact fold, and the Galaxy Z Fold series is noted for its book-like mechanism. Samsung, on the other hand, could include a third mechanism in a future foldable phone, according to a recent patent. A patent for a double-folding smartphone with three independent portions that fold in a Z shape was recently awarded to Samsung, according to LetsGoDigital. This design also allows a portion of the screen to serve as a primary display with an embedded fingerprint sensor. The phone resembles a little tablet when fully unfolded. A triple rear camera array and a USB charging and data connector are located on the phone’s back.

While the latest patent suggests Samsung’s design is relatively well developed, don’t bet your house that Samsung will launch such a device in 2022. Patents are not always guarantees or direct previews of consumer devices. That said, a double-folding system does seem to be the natural evolution of the foldable phone, especially if eking out more screen real estate is the goal. What do you think of Samsung’s latest double-folding phone patent? Be sure to drop a comment below.

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