Improved Spotify podcast charts now ranks individual episode

Improved Spotify podcast charts now ranks individual episode

Spotify offers users the opportunity to discover even relatively unknown podcasts by starting a “Top Episodes” ranking for its charts. When the audio streaming service started this feature, programs were only rated based on their total number. In the future, the service will also examine the numbers of each individual episode so that the authors can show potential listeners that their work is popular or trending, “even if their podcast is not consumed at the same volume overall”. The feature could also give developers more incentives to promote their work on Spotify and help them improve the ranking.

In addition, Spotify introduced a new web experience for the charts that subscribers can use to view them without launching their apps. Before the start, the function was only available under Browse> Podcasts> Podcast Diagrams in the app for Android and iOS. Now it has its own website that users can access on any device.

Finally, Spotify improved the original top podcast ranking by also taking into account the number of followers a show had. At the start, Spotify relied exclusively on “current listening numbers” to determine the most popular podcasts. The company says using the new metrics “makes it more realistic for new shows to hit the market to break the bubble”.

Through these changes, Spotify is giving developers the opportunity to reach a wider audience. This also gives the company more leverage in the podcast space, where there is little reliable data. “Overall, this change means that the chart will be more responsive to new shows, fresh voices and fast movers, while listeners will have more reason to check in regularly to discover new shows,” the audio streaming giant wrote in its announcement.

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