Important Things To Consider When Planning Your First Purchase iPhone

Important Things To Consider When Planning Your First Purchase iPhone

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  • As a result, to assist you with the dilemma here’s a list of pointers to bear in mind while looking for an iPhone. Some of these may appear to be cliched, but hey! Isn’t it true that every little bit of assistance counts when you’re in need?

  • But you’ve made up your mind: you’re going to get your hands on the world’s most popular smartphone. But which one should you pick? Unlike in the past, Apple now sells a dozen iPhone models each year at varying pricing points. Some of them appear to be luxurious, but others may be more powerful and cost-effective.

Budget At Play


When it comes to choosing an iPhone, your budget is critical. Just because the latest iPhone 13 can do everything better than the competition doesn’t mean you should blow your wallet. Concentrate on how much you want to spend and then seek an iPhone in that range. Choose between the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR if you have a budget of up to Rs 50,000. These are all capable of providing the same iPhone experience.

When all you want is simple smartphone functionality, why pay over a lakh for an iPhone? You can try out the iPhone SE or even the iPhone XR if you just want a taste of the iPhone. These essentially have everything that an iPhone should have.

If photography is your thing, you can look at the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, which are more expensive. If your price allows, the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera skills should be considered.

If you really want to stand out, go for the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 in Product Red; you’ll be the centre of attention.

On Amazon or Flipkart, photos and reviews don’t tell the full story. Go to your nearest Apple store and try out the iPhone model you want. The iPhone 12 Mini may appear appealing in YouTube videos, but it may be too small in real life. Play around with your ideal models until you have a good sense of what you want. The folks who use an iPhone are the ideal people to tell you whether or not you should buy one. Interact with iPhone users and inquire about how their devices perform in the real world. Is the iPhone 13’s battery life as excellent as it appears in the reviews? An existing user can provide a more accurate response.

The iPhone 13 is highly appealing, but it is also very expensive. Rather than spending a fortune, you should wait until a holiday season deal occurs. The highest discounts on new iPhones may be found in India during the pre-Diwali sales on Flipkart (Big Billion Days sale) and Amazon (The Great Indian Festival sale). The iPhone 12 was practically the same price as the iPhone 11’s regular price! Isn’t it the iPhone SE? It was also less expensive than other Oppo and Xiaomi handsets. Do you want an iPhone that will last at least three to four years? Or do you switch things up every year? Make the appropriate iPhone selection. If durability is important to you, you’ll have to settle for an iPhone 12 or newer (the iPhone 13 should be supported for at least six years!). An iPhone SE could be a decent deal if you’re willing to switch within a year.

Comfort This is a critical feature of iPhones, which is why Mini variants exist. The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s bold and flat design may look stunning, but it may hurt your palms when you use it. As a result, you must determine which model is most convenient to use. If the Max is excessively hefty and uncomfortable, opt for the lighter Pro model or the Mini model. In our opinion, the iPhone SE is the most comfortable iPhone to use right now.

Practicality At the end of the day, your iPhone needs to work like a modern smartphone. As a result, purchase one that checks all of the criteria. Although the iPhone SE has a charming design, it has a poor battery life and a small display. The iPhone 11 has a great battery life but a mediocre display. The iPhone 13 Pro Max offers the best cameras, but wearing it requires a handbag and two hands. Do you see what I mean? Choose the one that is most suitable for use as a modern smartphone.

To get the most out of your new iPhone, just like any Android phone, you’ll need the correct accessories. As a result, don’t be afraid to invest in a case or a powerbank. Apple sells some nice iPhone cases, but you can acquire just as fine ones from third-party case makers. If you want an excellent pair of headphones and a charger (Apple no longer includes one in the box), go for the original Apple ones. The AirPods function best with the iPhone, other audio manufacturers provide superior solutions for consumers wanting greater audio quality.

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