Ignored iPhone Users are angry and frustrated with Apple

Ignored iPhone Users are angry and frustrated with Apple

Points Highlighted:

  • This issue surfaced shortly after the release of iOS 14 (some claim it started before that) and hasn’t been fixed to date.

  • This seems to the iPhone user suffering from what at first glance looks like a simple bug that the user hasn’t received the notification or the notification has been significantly delayed.

None of the iOS 14 updates Apple pushed didn’t help.

The Apple Support Forum has a thread that is well over 100 pages long and details the challenges and hardships of iPhone owners trying to revive notifications on their smartphones.

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There are literally dozens of possible fixes for the iPhone notification issues listed. From rebooting to switching and unpairing the associated Apple Watch. Some users have replaced their iPhones with Apple or reset them many times just because the bug has recurred.

The actual fix seems very elusive.

The only fix confirmed seems to be a radical fix-switching to Android.

In the last few weeks, emotions have changed from hope to anger and frustration. And more users are starting to talk about moving away from the iPhone. What options do they have? Or wait for iOS 15 to land and see if it helps.

So what’s the problem? I dont know.

It is difficult to get the size and shape of this issue as this issue disappears in days or weeks and can return without warning. For example, I told many affected users that unpairing and repairing an Apple Watch with an iPhone would fix the problem and only surface again in a few days or weeks. Some say restarting the iPhone will fix the problem. For a while.

I’m sure this is a configuration issue, as wiping the iPhone and starting over seems like a pretty reliable fix, but it’s also a tough fix and it can come back. There is. Others have replaced their iPhones with Apple just because the problem is to raise their heads with new hardware. It doesn’t sound like a hardware problem.

But that’s all weird. And it’s all strangers that Apple hasn’t fixed, or at least commented on, related to this bug.

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