iFixit disassembles the second generation HomePod

News Summary:

  • The HomePod 2 looks a lot like his original HomePod, but Apple used less glue and made the design more repairable. On the original his HomePod, iFixit had to resort to a special cutting tool, but the new version uses less glue and is easier to open.

  • Repair site iFixit today took apart the second-generation HomePod that Apple launched last week, sharing a teardown video of the device and testing its repairability.

Inside the “HomePod” there are no big surprises, iFixit finds an S7 processor, LEDs that glow through the display above, a large built-in woofer, an amp board, a heatsink, a power supply and five tweeters.

Overall, iFixit says the HomePod 2 is surprisingly easy to take apart because Apple has removed all the excess glue. Anyone who wants to fix their HomePods themselves should be able to do it.

It’s interesting to see the woofer because iFixit can show how much it’s moving even when it’s not at max volume. With all the audio components removed, we can see the humidity and temperature sensors on the bottom of the HomePod. It’s the exact same sensor as the HomePod mini.