If you’ve lost network access on your phone, blame Samsung, not T-Mobile

News Summary:

  • On the T-Mobile subreddit, there are numerous reports of users who suddenly lose phone service. Since T-Mobile just recently experienced a significant data breach that affected almost 37 million users on its network in January 2023, many initially believed that this was a SIM swap attack. This is not the case, as shown by an internal document that The T-Mo Report shared.

  • Samsung and other major carriers began taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S23 series of smartphones immediately following the launch event. The phones went on sale earlier this month. Considering that pre-orders are expected to begin shipping on February 17, there is still time for the phones to reach customers. Now, a mistaken bug from the Korean company’s end may have caused you to lose mobile service on your current phone if you are on T-network Mobile’s and ordered your Galaxy S23’s pre-order through Samsung’s online store.

While processing the orders, Samsung unintentionally activated eSIM early on a small batch of Galaxy S23 devices, disrupting service for the affected users. Even users with enabled SIM protection were impacted by the bug.

Please be aware that this bug only affected customers who ordered the S23 directly from Samsung and not T-Mobile.

So there’s no need to be alarmed if your phone unexpectedly lost connection to the T-Mobile network earlier in the day. Contact the carrier’s customer service, and your current SIM will be reactivated after verification. Many users might have been concerned that they were the victim of a SIM swap attack given how frequently data breaches occur at T-Mobile. Now that the issue appears to have been fixed, you no longer have to be concerned about losing network access.