If you’re willing to pay, you can edit your tweets

If you’re willing to pay, you can edit your tweets

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  • The fact that Twitter revealed this a few months ago means that this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. On customers of its premium service, the business is testing this feature. If the service hadn’t recently seen a price increase, this wouldn’t be such a disappointment. Prior until recently, Twitter Blue was $2.99 per month, but it is now $4.99. The edit tweet feature is being tested by Twitter.

  • We’ve been pleading with Twitter for so long to allow us to edit our tweets, and we were delighted to learn earlier this year that the company was developing that capability. Today, it appears like Twitter is testing the capability of allowing users to modify tweets, but there is a small catch. You must be a Twitter Blue subscriber.

You should be able to update your tweets fairly soon if you use Twitter Blue and haven’t been turned away by the price rise. Users of Twitter Blue will soon be able to modify their tweets, according to a Twitter blog post. We recently received several leaks demonstrating the functionality of this feature. You will have the option to alter a tweet’s content after it has been posted. This explains the lengthy delay because Twitter struggled for a time to give users this authority.

This way, if someone wants to try and hide a hot take that’s a bit too spicy, folks will be able to see what they initially typed! Although it’s unclear when Twitter will make this tool available to the general public, it’s still a positive move. Just be prepared to see numerous tweets in the interim that state, “This tweet was edited.”

Only for a brief period of time will you be able to alter the tweet. Initially, reports said that users would get an entire hour to edit a tweet; however, the test only gives users 30 minutes. When the functionality passes testing, we’re not sure if that will change. Just remember that you aren’t actually changing the tweet when you make the adjustment. What you’re actually doing is altering a different copy of the initial tweet. This means that the firm will make the original tweet accessible and that it will still be present on the site.

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