If you’re still using Google Voice’s legacy service, it’s time for an upgrade

If you're still using Google Voice's legacy service, it's time for an upgrade

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  • It’s also important to note that some legacy features won’t be carried over on the mobile app, or to the new web experience. Google describes all the differences between the two services in detail on its support pages. voicemail. It isn’t possible to have carrier-forwarded calls from a linked number ring on all your devices. If you want your devices to ring from your carrier number, port your number to Google Voice. Unauthenticated access to voicemails through links: In Google Voice, you must sign in to your Google Voice account to access your voicemail. Voicemail-only accounts: If you have a voicemail-only account without a Google Voice number, upgrade to a full Google Voice account.

  • Google began modernising and revamping its Google Voice service three years ago, making it a vital element of the G Suite. Google also stated in 2018 that legacy Google Voice customers might lose support at some point in the future, and that they should move. As 9to5Google reports, the support cycle for the Google Voice Legacy online version is coming to an end. Google has gotten a message from Google informing them of the bad news. You are receiving this email because you have a consumer (personal) Google Voice account and are one of the few remaining users of a legacy web feature that may be disrupted as we migrate all Voice users to the modern experience (which launched in 2017)

The Call Forwarding feature changes seem to be the most substantial and bear the biggest impact on migrating legacy users. Basically, all your forwarded calls will go automatically to VoiceMail without an option to get them on another linked device. The changes in the Ring Schedule and Do Not Disturb Timer could also potentially annoy some people. You will have to rely on your phone’s DND mode to take care of those, you won’t be able to set them up in Google Voice once you migrate. The phase-out of the Google Voice legacy website will start sometime in mid-February.

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