If your phone stops working, Instagram advises you to “rage shake” it

If your phone stops working, Instagram advises you to "rage shake" it

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  • Instagram is not the first company to use shaking the phone as a way to signal something has gone wrong. Apple has long offered the option to “shake to undo” on the iPhone, where waggling the device brings up the option to revert to a previous state. To use the “carousel edit” addition, which Mr Mosseri noted was a “finally” feature, users just click on the three dots at the top corner of the carousel. The offending photo can then be swiped away.

  • “Have you ever used Instagram and it just wasn’t working like it was supposed to?” he said in a video posted to Twitter. “Maybe Stories didn’t load, maybe the audio wasn’t working, maybe you just couldn’t upload a photo and it was just getting really getting you, really just pissing you off? “Well now, you can literally shake the phone and a little option will come up that allows you to report a problem.”

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