If I use Android to play PUBG, which game should I play?

If I use Android to play PUBG, which game should I play?

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  • However, CoD Mobiles BR mode is the best android game, like PUBG mobile. Translating symbiose/frantic combat into the battle royale format guarantees incredible BR experiences. In fact, we think it’s even better than PUBG. The CoD mobile battles do not have the same speed as PlayerUnknown. Instead you have a good time sprinting insides, then gunning down enemies with the same classic combat loop you used to. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t tense moments like in PUBG. With body armour mechanics, you have the same terrible, strategic combat as before, and now its just satisfying.

  • The most played game in the world is PUBG Mobile, although there are always alternatives. If you’re looking for Android games similar to PUBG, we’ve compiled a useful list of options. Finally, helping us helps those looking for different games to play. Perhaps not many people are familiar with Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale mode. The multiplayer first-person shooter game includes a battle royale mode, but it’s most known for its chaotic arcade multiplayer.

If you need to play CoD Mobile, check it out here. The best part is that if you don’t like the games Battle Royale, there’s plenty of additional options for multiplayer. If you are looking for a mobile battle royale game that looks much like PUBG, Rules of Survival is the answer for you. You’re going to get to another Android game. Well, except New State.

Another first-person title, Apex Legends Mobile is a brilliant portable version of the console and the PC shooter. The mobile conversion, financed by Respawn Entertainment, is a brilliant battle royale title. This BR will be useful if you choose a Legend with their own look and special abilities to join the battlefield. After your own naive work and a team, you’ll be the only player to remain on the map. The mobile battle royales are one of the best options. Of course, that game is about console-like. Nevertheless, some mechanics aren’t as good as CoD Mobile.

Rules of survival are completely more about quantities than quality. This battle Royale game is rough around the edges, so you’ll have much fun with the game. Unlike in the PUBG competitor, you can compete in an endless competition of 300 players. You couldn’t play in 120 matches a day. To this day, after a recent overhaul, players lost the numbers. When asked about Rules of Survival, its not the best PUBG competitor, its only a solid clone. Moreover, its vast players numbers aren’t exactly matched for their maps. It’s still so pretty!

On Android, it’s one of the most polished battle royales it is in the market. If you are struggling to find the best Android games like PUBG, you should look for Apex Legends Mobile.Garena isn’t one of the best Android games like PUBG, but it’s interesting. The PUBGs appear very different and more attractive than a corporate. On the other hand, it’s still rough around the edges.

Garena is still incredibly unpolished despite being around for five years. Though bugs usually get into their way, you’ll find them more than you need to. Maybe you love bugs! If so, I’ll do that for you. That’s the link you’ve got to download! Well, it’s all right! These are all Android games like PUBG that offer similar features. While games like Fortnite are also Battle Royale titles, they focus on building bases and obstacles, say, more heavily.

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