Hyundai sales drop marginally in April amid Covid-19 rise

Hyundai sales declined slightly in April due to the surge in Covid-19

Hyundai Motor posted total sales of 59,203 units last month, an 8 percent decrease from the previous month. With the support of the popular Creta, Nios and Venue, Hyundai remains India’s second largest automaker in terms of the number of cars sold.

Hyundai sold 49,002 vehicles in India last month, while it exported 10,201 vehicles to other countries during that period. While the year-over-year growth will appear massive, it’s important to keep in mind that over the same period last year, the entire auto industry couldn’t sell a single vehicle due to the national lockdown that began March 25th.

Sales in April of this year are not comparable to those of the same month last year as there were no domestic sales due to the nationwide lockdown following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) in the country. However, the company exported 1,341 units in April last year.

HMIL Director (Sales, Marketing and Service) Tarun Garg said: “In these challenging times, we stand in solidarity with the nation and continue all efforts to support those affected. Our efforts are currently mainly focused on supporting people’s lives and livelihoods. We also achieved positive sales results in April 2021.

We remain committed to our customers by providing excellence in both products and services. While our efforts are currently mainly focused on supporting people’s lives and livelihoods, we also had positive sales results in April 2021. “

Hyundai is poised to launch its newest offering for the Indian market – the three-row seven-seater Alcazar SUV – possibly this month. The Alcazar is expected to further cement Hyundai’s position as one of the leading automobile manufacturers in India.

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