Hurry! Right now, you can get an Echo Dot for $ 1

Hurry!  Right now, you can get an Echo Dot for $ 1

Tech Highlights:

  • If you act quickly, you can get an Echo Dot smart speaker for $0.99 when you combine it with a month of Amazon Music Unlimited service. That’s right, Dot is only $0.99! Right now on its site, Amazon is offering the Echo Dot for just $8.98 when bundled with 1 month of its Amazon Music Unlimited service, which costs $7.99 per month for Prime members.

  • Amazon has a lot of Echo Dot deals all the time. That must account for at least a portion of the reason it is the single best-selling Alexa smart speaker Amazon has ever produced. It’s already reasonably priced at $40-$50, but frequent discounts bring the already low price even lower.
    Amazon, for example, is currently running sales that reduce the $50 4th-generation Echo Dot to $29.99 and the $60 Echo Dot with Clock to $34.99. However, Amazon’s current sales do not offer discounts comparable to the one found in the special hidden deal Amazon is currently running on the previous-generation model.

Since AMU costs $7.99, that means you’re getting an Echo Dot for only $0.99! Needless to say, that’s the lowest price ever. It’s important to note that the AMU subscription will automatically renew each month, of course, and if you like it you can keep it and ditch Spotify or Apple Music. Or, if you’d rather stick with what you know, that’s okay too — just go to this page anytime after you place your order and you can cancel Amazon Music Unlimited.

There’s no telling when the deal will disappear though, so hurry or you might miss it. You can see the terms and conditions for this deal right here on Amazon’s site. Wondering what make the Echo Dot and Amazon Music Unlimited so great? Here’s some additional info to keep in mind

You can literally cancel your service the instant after you place the order and you won’t have to worry about getting charged again. But you’ll still get to keep streaming for the rest of the month, and you’ll get a $0.99 Echo Dot! The only caveat is that this deal is available only to Amazon customers who have never subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited before. If you have tried AMU in the past or you’re a current subscriber, you’ll see a message explaining that you’re not eligible for this promotion.

This bundle includes an Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for $0.99 and two months of Amazon Music Unlimited for $15.58, making your total $16.97. Typically, this bundle costs $65.97. Sold on its own, the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is priced at $49.99, though it often gets marked down by about $15. But marked all the way down to $1? That isn’t nearly as frequent of a deal. An Echo Dot with a clock face will cost you a smidge more, but is still deeply discounted. You can get an Echo Dot with a Clock for $9.99 when you sign up for two months of Amazon Music Unlimited.

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