HUNT: Discover your inner peace

HUNT: Discover your inner peace

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  • You can enjoy reading, sleeping, or meditating while it rains, sounds of ocean waves and birds chirping. Whatever seems to be my current pleasure. With a sigh, as 9F begins to explain to his 9E why he sold his house in New Jersey and moved to Phoenix in his not-so-low top voice, you feel the engine strike lift the plane into the sky. I was. During the 1 hour and 45 minute flight, I found my headphones sitting next to my meditation chair at home. Humpf!

  • I sat down on the 8th floor, took off my jacket and put it in my carry-on baggage. Phoenix doesn’t need that. I was looking forward to the sunshine and warmth spreading in front of me. The jacket has arrived. Reading glasses, iPads, magazines, and headphones came out. Headphones! where are my headphones I always travel with them. They are a kind of noise canceling that blocks the roar of an airplane engine, the voices of visiting passengers, the cries of a baby in the back, the intercom messages from the cockpit.

After reading a magazine article or two, I put it aside, closed my eyes and started breathing.In a deep on and off rhythm, my body felt this as a call to meditation. . enjoy the silence. Enter a silent space where the outside world collapses. A place where the deepest thoughts of my soul mix with the messages of energy inside and outside my body. As a mother protects her child, I will protect this meditation time.

It took almost an hour for my breathing to return to normal shallow breathing. My eyes fluttered open as my senses returned to awareness of my surroundings. A motor under the seat kept spinning as the mechanical landing gear engaged. “And in Phoenix, when we bought the house it was stolen property, so we paid cash for the new house from what we put away at the Jersey house.” Seat 9F hasn’t stopped working on its happy move to Phoenix. I realized that I enjoyed my flight safely. I enjoyed my time in meditation to temporarily block out the external forces of noise, chaos, and distraction.

This is not just a happy place. This is my sacred time. My daily ritual of flowing in gentle stillness more than a foot here and there. As we say in poker, go all-in in perfect peace into the space outside of this body. The roar of the engine became a pleasing hum that muffled 9F’s voice. The sound of the pilot’s bell sounded like a whispered message of safety. It hovered in my conscious thoughts without stopping to enter my space of peace. i was there! Not here, not sleeping…but there.

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