Huawei calls America's bluff on the proof-of-doors: “please don’t be shy. Publish

In mobile networks, it is necessary to have a “legal interception interface”, so that law enforcement officers can gain access to a network that has a good guarantee. Each country has its own laws, rules and regulations, but all requirements of its law enforcement agencies will have an opportunity to do so. Earlier this week, the Wall Street Newspaper quoted AMERICAN officials who said that Huawei, the location of these interfaces is the secret of its customer operators and government officials in the countries hosting these networks. It would ascend in order to gain access to information that should only be available for law enforcement and to some of the carrier’s own employees.

Huawei denies access to all unwanted calls

In the same report, US national security adviser Robert O’brien was quoted as saying: “We have evidence that Huawei has the ability to be secretive in order to gain access to confidential and private information in the systems , and sell worldwide. “Reuters is reporting that Huawei’s cybersecurity chief, John Suffolk, reacted with a denial.” We do not have access to this equipment, we do not know what to call it or the information is intercepted and we do not know whether it has been intercepted, “he said. Suffolk. “Everything we do is on one side of the box, that is, it is blind to what is happening on the other side of the field.”

Suffolk, told reporters today that the Smartphone does not have the equipment that will be used by mobile operators and law enforcement to intercept communications that pass through the network. In addition, he also noted that the United States is not real evidence of the claims he made. Head of cybersecurity at Huawei, it is the call of Trump and the government bluff. “We are saying,” don’t hide, don’t be shy. Publish and let the world see it, ”said Suffolk, of the evidence that American officials claim to have. “I don’t know of any operator who has said about Huawei:” Come sit in this room and see what’s going on, “he said.” If I tell you that our employees have been involved with some of these things, we would have to take appropriate measures to do so. “

Huawei is the largest supplier of network equipment in the world, and analysts say the technology is one to half or two years ahead of rivals like Nokia and Ericsson. In addition, it is the Chinese manufacturer’s strong ties to the state-owned bank of China in order to provide its customers with generous financing of terms and conditions. The United States has been trying to find ways to fail at a rival that could challenge Huawei in this segment of the wireless industry. She said that the internal networks of companies, such as Oracle and Cisco, took over Ascend, but both refused to spend time and / or money. It was the offer of a loan from Nokia and Ericsson to help them match Huawei’s generous financing, on terms and conditions, and over the past week, Attorney General William Barr came up with the idea that the united states and control of the two companies. The vice president and Mike Pence rejected the idea.

Huawei’s Suffolk was also asked why, if the American accusations at Huawei, where they are, rivals like Nokia and Ericsson, are not the growth of mobile phone companies, from 30% to 40% per year. Responding to his own question, the head of cybersecurity said, “The faith of our customers, and this can be seen in the results of the past 30 years, and is an indication of what our customers need to discover with the government.” He also called on officials and “smart” operators as they ascend the race to complete the 5G network.

On Friday, Swedish network company Ericsson said that, in terms of the number of commercial contracts for work on 5G networks, it is a global market leader in providing these networks and other stakeholders. O According to the Financial Times says that Ericsson has 79 contracts, compared to 63 Nokia 50 phones. Ericsson’s executive vice president, Fredrik Jejdling, said: “We use 24 networks worldwide. We were the first to implement networks spread across four continents around the world. Therefore, it is difficult for us to realize that, for us, at the moment, we believe that we have a competitive portfolio, which is at the same level or ahead of our competitors. “

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