Huawei aims to make electric cars later this year

Huawei plans to build electric cars later this year

Huawei has suffered a lot from the various bans imposed by the US government. As a result, the company has significantly diversified its product portfolio and, for example, has focused much more on wearables and audio accessories in recent months.

A new report now claims that Huawei actually plans to manufacture electric cars under its own brand, and some models could even hit the market before the end of this year. The company has reportedly already started developing the electric vehicles in-house and turning to suppliers.

Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, who drove the company’s amazing rise in the smartphone world, will reportedly shift his focus to electric vehicles, which are aimed at the mass market segment, which means they are reasonably priced become.

Huawei is reportedly in talks with Changan Automobile, a state-owned company in China, as well as BAIC Group’s BluePark New Energy Technology and other automakers to use their car factories to make their electric vehicles.

However, a Huawei spokesman turned down plans to design electric vehicles or produce Huawei branded vehicles, saying, “Huawei is not an automaker. However, through ICT (information and communication technology) we want to be a digital, car-oriented and newly added supplier that enables car manufacturers (original equipment manufacturers) to build better vehicles. “

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