How to play AAA games on your Android Phone

How to play AAA games on your Android Phone

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  • GeForce NOW, unlike other services, is formed on your prevailing library of PC games from services like Epic Games Store, Origin, Stream. For instance, in the case of a compatible game like Far Cry 6, you can purchase it downright on Ubisoft Connect, or you can avail it via the subscription of Ubisoft +. Either of these options will enable you access to Far Cry 6 via GeForce NOW.

  • Far Cry 6 comes as the newest entry in the renowned series from Ubisoft. Undoubtedly, the Far Cry series has made its name on producing unforgettable villains and Far Cry 6 is all set to continue this trend. The lead villain in the game is Anton Castillo, chief of Yara, a tropical island.

With the prevailing chip deficit is unlikely to go anytime shortly, purchasing a console or a gaming PC will be a pricey and difficult affair for money. Luckily, all you actually need to experience the latest AAA games is your Android run smartphone and a good internet link. Owning a USB or Bluetooth controller is also a great idea.

You will now be able to link your NVIDIA account with various marketplaces. This will enable the application in knowing your full game library. You can now simply pick a game to start playing. Utilising the free GeForce NOW membership, you can avail yourself of the experience of how cloud gaming performs in your home at your preferred gaming spot.

To commence playing AAA games on your Android phone, you will first require to install the GeForce NOW application from Google Play Store and sign in to the NVIDIA account.

For the best gaming experience, while streaming, you must have at least 25Mbps of speed. You can also enjoy a free-to-play AAA game like Destiny 2 via GeForce NOW to examine your connection before shelling out a penny for streaming or buying games. Once you’ve concluded that cloud gaming performs excellently on your connection, you can switch to a priority membership of GeForce NOW to have swift access to servers, improved graphics and smoother play intervals GeForce NOW is accessible on Android tablets, iOS, Windows and can also be played straight from the Chrome browser.

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