How to get free access to Riders Republic without an Xbox Game Pass

How to get free access to Riders Republic without an Xbox Game Pass

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  • Whether you’re planning to pursue a career in biking, skiing, snowboarding, flying, or being a test dummy, you will be able to play at no added cost on PC only.

Riders Republic is not free as it costs either £59.99, £84.99, or £99.99.


These prices depend on whether you purchase the Standard, Gold, or Ultimate edition. Although it isn’t available for the price of nothing on its own, you can play it at no added cost on PC.

Riders Republic is not available on Xbox Game Pass and it isn’t coming to Microsoft’s subscription service either.

It’s disappointing that the title won’t be part of Microsoft’s catalogue, but there’s still plenty for Xbox loyalists to anticipate. After all, November will see the arrivals of Forza Horizon 5, Skyrim Anniversary Edition, and Football Manager 2022.

Since it’s not available on Game Pass, you will need to subscribe to another service instead.

UBISOFT PLUS You can play and enjoy the extreme sports title for free by subscribing to Ubisoft Plus for either £12.99 or £14.99 per month.

A subscription fee is mandatory, but it will allow you to play Riders Republic at no added cost. It will also allow you to enjoy Far Cry 6 if you haven’t already purchased it as well as 100+ other titles such as South Park, the Assassin’s Creed series, and For Honor.

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