How to fix Back 4 Blood crashing and blank screen

How to fix Back 4 Blood crashing and blank screen

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  • Here’s how to fix the Back 4 Blood crashing issue on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC:

  • Back 4 Blood crashing fix.


A new Back 4 Blood hotfix has “resolved a high-frequency crash” on Xbox consoles.

Download the latest update

Future game patches will aim to improve stability on PlayStation hardware.

Delete and reinstall the game

Corrupted files can cause game errors — performing a fresh install should resolve this.

Check the console temperature When a PlayStation or Xbox overheats it can automatically kill applications and/or shut down completely.

B4B CRASHING FIX FOR PC Install the latest driver updates

Download any new Nvidia or AMD GPU drivers to reduce the likelihood of crashing. Download any available game updates

The latest B4B hotfix has “resolved lag and possible crashes caused by text entry” on PCs. Close unnecessary background applications

Shutting down background apps helps to prevent run conflicts, which can cause games to crash. Verify the integrity of the game files

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