How can you see how much time has passed since the last game on PlayStation 5?

How can you see how much time has passed since the last game on PlayStation 5?

Tech Highlights:

  • 2.When you select your icon, a submenu will appear. Select Profile, which is the second option down.

  • 1.On the PS5 home screen, select your player icon. It’s in the row of icons along the top line of the screen, between the Settings gear icon on the left and the current time on the right.

3. The next screen gives a general overview of your profile, but you specifically want the Games tab at the top, so scroll across and select Games.

Under each title, you’ll see details of when you last played it, and how many hours you’ve played it in total.

4. All your PS5 games will be displayed in order of when they were most recently loaded.

Note that this screen also shows your PS4 game stats, and not just the time you’ve spent playing them on PS5. That means you can also get your friends’ data, even if they don’t have a PS5 to check on.

To prove this, we’ll now demonstrate with a PS4-playing friend who has yet to make the upgrade to PS5.

The PS5 has a neat little feature that allows you to see how much total play time you’ve logged for every single game. Just in case you’re curious to know how much time you spend in the games you end up in. This information isn’t displayed on the main screen though. So it could be easy to overlook if it wasn’t something at the front of your mind.

Luckily, it isn’t hard to find these details. Even still, if you wanted a little assistance in navigating to it, this guide is here to help. And once you get to it the first time it’ll become second nature. So let’s dive into it. But first, let’s discuss a few reason why you might want to see your play time.  

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