How about a hack that consumes ramen?

News Summary:

  • She gave an example of eating ramen with metal straws. As chopsticks, the metal straws were used to eat meat and noodles. While the straw’s intended usage was to drink the ramen soup, it was actually used for this purpose. It’s like eating ramen all at once without doing too much or using a lot of utensils.

  • Another day, another popular TikTok video. What this woman divulged on her TikTok account would have never occurred to anyone (Bri Wiggity Wack). She advanced the practise of eating ramen without forks, spoons, or even chopsticks in her video. Two metal straws were the only items she used to eat her ramen.

This is very different from how we typically consume ramen, which involves chopsticks and a soup spoon. Due to the fact that it is conceivable, this is why so many people were shocked by the hack. With 2.9 million views and 314.1k likes, the video has become viral in just a few days.