Hotel keys from multiple Hyatt locations are now supported by Apple Wallet

Hotel keys from multiple Hyatt locations are now supported by Apple Wallet

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  • Hyatt, a well-known hotel brand, stated today that it will employ Apple’s Wallet technology in six U.S. properties, including Hawaii, Key West, Chicago, Dallas, Silicon Valley, and Long Beach.

  • The Wallet app is expected to get a few new capabilities in iOS 15, including support for vehicle keys, hotel keys, HomeKit house keys, and IDs. Many of the capabilities have yet to be released, however Apple Wallet will now allow hotel keys starting today.

Customers at selected hotels may add a room key to the Wallet app, then touch their iPhone or Apple Watch to access their rooms and common spaces like gyms, pools, and elevators. It takes iOS 15 to add a key to the Apple Wallet, and it also works with an Apple Watch running watchOS 8.

members are able to add their room key to the Apple Wallet after making a reservation, and the wallet entry will tell them when the check-in time arrives. Once the guest is in the hotel and the room is ready, the Apple Wallet key is activated. The hotel can remotely update the guest’s room key in the Apple Wallet should a room change be required, and at check-out, customers can do so through the Hyatt app, which disables and archives the key stored in the Apple Wallet.

Guests can keep their device close to the door’s NFC-enabled lock to access key card protected areas, and with Express Mode, a ‌iPhone‌ does not need to be unlocked to use the room key. Should their ‌iPhone‌ run out of battery, the Power Reserve feature allows you to continue being used to unlock the door for up to five hours.

While Apple Wallet key technology is only being tested in six locations right now, Hyatt expects it to be rolled out across all global properties in the future.

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