Hitman 3’s content is renewed for a second year

Hitman 3's content is renewed for a second year

Tech Highlights:

  • Hitman 3 is the most successful title in the trio,which is an amazing feat given the 3rd was published without a major publisher (Square Enix published the first entry, WB Games published the second entry). Third, Hitman 3 will be getting a second year of content which will consist of new maps, storylines and modes. Some of the year 2 features announced include Ray Tracing and VR for the PC version and an Elusive Target arcade mode. Details on the latter will be revealed sometime in January 2022.

  • Despite the fact that Hitman 3 sneaked into 2021 like an inconspicuous bald assassin, the penultimate instalment of the World of Assassination Trilogy managed to maintain the level of excellence and improve upon its predecessors. Although, in my opinion, the shift from a series of episodic releases to a single release harmed the game. Because of the constant influx of content in the form of contracts and elusive targets, it’s still a title I’d check in on from time to time. So it came as a pleasant surprise to receive an announcement from IO Interactive, the franchise’s owner, today. The short video broadcast on their YouTube and social media sites established a few things.

Whether or not the content will cost money, It will be interesting to see where Agent 47 will go in season 2 given the World of Assassination trilogy concluded in year 1, but I look forward to the dulcet tones of Diana Wormwood providing a debriefing in the near future.

HITMAN 3 – Year 2 starts on 20 January 2022 with a new and exciting roadmap of content.

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