History of a successful electronic eCommerce platform

History of a successful electronic eCommerce platform

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  • From the largest online sellers, to small but booming family businesses, there are plenty of good Ecommerce practices everywhere. But to find inspiration for your own webstore, we’ve gathered 3 of our favorite Ecommerce success stories below—along with helpful recommendations that will help you follow their same strategies.

  • Creating a profitable internet company is no easy feat, but learning from others’ experiences is a wonderful place to start. These kind of tales are essential for any aspiring Ecommerce firm since you can learn a lot from their triumphs, and sometimes even more from their errors.

Let’s start right off with a huge Ecommerce success story from a business everyone knows. When Ecommerce is mentioned, Amazon is usually the first website that comes to mind—meaning they obviously did something right.

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Originally founded in 1994 as an online bookstore, Amazon started with a much smaller focus before becoming the epic seller of everything it is today. The website got into the Ecommerce market early on, and grew by slowly increasing its product-base little by little.

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Other than titans like Amazon, you have smaller Ecommerce success stories that are just as impressive in their own right. Take Pixie Faire, for example. This business digitally sells doll clothing designs online, and was started at home by a couple of full-time parents.

They began by sewing and selling physical articles of dolls clothing for order through an eBay store. But before long, the demand for their products became too great to meet without outsourcing manufacturing, which they wanted to avoid.

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