Highlights from the ‘Grand Theft Auto Trilogy’ by Rockstar Games | Broken collection, fight against modders and no “Grand Theft Auto VI”?

Highlights from the 'Grand Theft Auto Trilogy' by Rockstar Games |  Broken collection, fight against modders and no "Grand Theft Auto VI"?

Tech Highlights:

  • Both GTA Online and Red Dead Online established new player records in 2020. In addition, the team chose to release a “pretty beautiful looking but entirely broken collection” of remastered GTA oldies.

  • This year, Rockstar Games’ hugely popular Grand Theft Auto brand is in an odd spot. In addition, despite years without a new release, the game series continues to be incredibly popular.

This year, Rockstar adopted a hard stance against modders, and despite countless leaks and speculations, no “Grand Theft Auto VI” is in the works.
Roleplaying in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City grew in popularity.

Other highlights this year involve Rockstar Games paying a tech-savvy fan $10,000 for fixing the problematic loading times of “GTA Online’s” PC version.

In the last year, ‘GTA’ roleplaying has grown in popularity on Twitch, and some astute modders have even reverse-engineered the source code for “Vice City” and “GTA III.” This has allowed vintage games to be ported to more recent systems.

Despite these positives, things, however, went bad for “GTA” fans and players in 2021 as well.

Rockstar Games vs Developers

Things started to get weird when Rockstar and Take-Two issued a DMCA takedown against the developers behind the “GTA III” and “Vice City” source code project. This led to some developers standing their ground against Take-Two lawsuit, which is still ongoing as of press time.

Take-Two then started issuing legal threats and DMCA takedowns in a bid to remove the old “Vice City,” “GTA III,” and even “San Andreas” mods from the internet. This, in turn, angered modders, some of them have even discovered that decade-old mods have been taken off the internet due to legal takedowns.

Modders Took Down GTA Mods in Fear of Legal Retaliation creators decided to shut down old “GTA” mods in fear of legal retaliation. To add, the publisher also removed “GTA IV” mods, including the much needed save file that became popular among the “GTA” community.

The heat fueled further speculation that Rockstar decided to release its own remastered versions of the “GTA”” classic trilogy. The rumors were eventually confirmed in August by Kotaku and Rockstar indeed wanted to remaster ports of “Vice City,” “GTA III,” and “San Andreas.” The company also wanted the remaster to be available across all major consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

Excitement built up once again but “GTA” fans were met with frustration when news of tje delay for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S ports of “GTA V” and “GTA Online” broke out. Rockstar announced the four-month delay through a trailer that did nothing to impress their disappointed and frustrated fans.

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