Hidden The new functionality of the Apple Watch Series 7 promises the future iPhone technology

Hidden The new functionality of the Apple Watch Series 7 promises the future iPhone technology

Tech Highlights:

  • We know the Series 7 has a hidden update thanks to these reviews, which Apple never mentioned on stage. The secret diagnostic port has been removed, which might be a hint to Apple’s development on the rumoured portless iPhone of the future.

  • Preorders for the Apple Watch Series 7 began on Friday, and several models sold out within minutes. When Apple begins selling the Series 7 in retail locations across the world tomorrow, lucky buyers will receive their new watches. Preorders have begun, which means the first Apple Watch Series 7 reviews are now out, allowing you to get a better sense of what the new wearables have to offer.

Apple filings at the FCC indicated last month revealed that the Apple Watch Series 7 will feature a new 60.5GHz module that supports wireless data transfers. Apple never acknowledged the new connectivity option during the announcement event last month. Reviewers have now discovered that the traditional Apple Watch diagnostic port is indeed missing from the Series 7.

The portless iPhone keeps appearing in rumors and leaks. It was first revealed by top Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst. It’s an iPhone that features no connector whatsoever; the dream phone for some. A device with no ports can withstand accidents involving liquids even better than current models. But before Apple can remove the Lightning port from the iPhone, it needs to develop a reliable way to make all of the port’s features wireless.

To find the port on any other Apple Watch, you have to remove the band. You’ll see it immediately. It’s the port Apple uses to diagnose problems with the device. The port also supports fast battery charging, which prompted a company to develop a watch band with a built-in battery. That was back in 2015, but Apple then blocked the port’s charging capability.

The primary purpose for Lightning is wired charging. And Apple has developed MagSafe charging to potentially replace wired charging. You can also use the port for wired headphones. Apple makes various wireless earphones and headphones under its AirPods and Beats brands. Finally, the Lightning port transfers data and it’s essential for local iPhone backups. That’s where the Apple Watch Series 7’s hidden magic might come in.

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