Here is a video of Arkane’s unreleased Half-Life game

Here is a video of Arkane's unreleased Half-Life game

Tech Highlights:

  • Well, thanks to video game documentary channel Noclip, about an hour’s footage of that very project has been revealed. This remains an unreleased game and as such, some elements are unfinished, but that’s all explained in the video. Arkane supposedly worked on this particular Half-Life title around 2006-2007.

  • Arkane, a huge new addition to Xbox Game Studios, recently arrived as part of the big Bethesda deal. However, did you know that the team previously worked on a Half-Life game that was never released? No, neither do we.

Honestly, this is amazing and we can’t believe how far along the game looks! It’s also pretty surprising that Valve actually let this video become public, but we’re very happy the original Half-Life developer has allowed us all to see what Arkane was building. It’s just a shame it never got released! What do you make of this Half-Life ‘Ravenholm’ footage? Wish it would have been properly released? Let us know in the comment.

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