Here are ten of the best Xbox Game Pass titles you can try right now

Here are ten of the best Xbox Game Pass titles you can try right now

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  • When you’re paralyzed by choice in the soft-green glow of the Xbox Game Pass homepage, it’s very easy to feel like a sofa-bound deer in the headlights. Are you in the mood for something wholesome, or something violent? Do you want something to engage the full bandwidth of your brain, or are you just eager for something to play that’ll help you drift off to sleep later that evening? Do you need something co-op, multiplayer, or single-player?

  • For consumers, the Xbox Game Pass is great – there’s plenty of genres and games to explore every month – but it has one relatable downside, no matter whether you’re looking for the best Xbox One games or the best Xbox Series X|S games.

You’re sure to have a lot of questions. There are more than 100 games available on the service at any one time, after all. To help nudge you away from the clutches of indecision, we’ve hand-picked ten of our favourite games currently available on the service, so you can rely on us to pick the best Xbox Game Pass games when you’re brain is struck by indecision.

If you’ve always yearned for a scallywag’s life on the high seas – and you have some pals to join you – then Sea Of Thieves is a very easy game to recommend.

Sea Of Thieves

In Sea Of Thieves, you’ll take to the sea in search of adventure and treasure. Unfortunately for budding pirates, most treasure in the game already is already owned by a variety of enemies, ranging from Skeletons to Sirens (and even other human players).

Sailing on their choice of multiple available ships, players can explore aimlessly or convince landlubbers to relinquish their gold – though negotiations are often conducted through broadside cannon barrages and swings of the sword. Take a swig of grog if you’re not feeling up to the task, because a pirate’s life can get quite hectic.

As well as the base game, Rare recently collaborated with Disney to introduce an all-new Pirate’s Of The Caribbean crossover to Sea Of Thieves. This means that if players would prefer a more story-laden experience, there’s a whole new chapter to catch some famous faces in.

Alien: Isolation Feeling brave? Jump into Alien: Isolation, where that feeling will last all of five minutes.

Although released back in 2014, Alien: Isolation is still one of the outright scariest horror games that you can subject yourself to. Relying on stealth to survive, players control Amanda Ripley – yes, Ellen Ripley’s daughter – as she boards a ruined spaceship to try and learn what became of her mother. What sets this game apart is the Xenomorph that persistently hunts the player throughout the game. Driven by a highly intelligent AI that knows exactly how best to catch you, Alien: Isolation perfectly captures the feeling of claustrophobic helplessness that we fell in love with back in 1979. Yes, it’s getting on in years (by video game standards, anyway), but Alien: Isolation is – without a doubt – one of the best Xbox Game Pass games you can play right now.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 It might be another blast from the past, but Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a blast that levels houses. Whilst the multiplayer base is understandably smaller than it once was, an engrossing single-player campaign ensures that this 2010 hit can still be recommended to Xbox Game Pass users ten years later.

A somewhat rarity in the shooter genre, the campaign boasts a cast of lively characters that bring the otherwise cliche story to life. Combined with wide-open maps and featuring one of Battlefield‘s best uses of destructible environments, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is definitely worth returning to through Xbox Game Pass if you’ve played it before, and it’s practically an essential play if you’ve never experienced the action. Dishonored 2

For very good reason, many consider Dishonored 2 to be one of the best games to come out of 2016. On a mission of vengeance, players can choose between grizzled bodyguard Corvo or assassin-amateur Emily to once again embark on another conspiratorial campaign of vengeance. Each character comes with entirely different supernatural powers, allowing players to sneak, swing, clamber and teleport through the urban sprawl of Karnaca.

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