Has freedom of expression become hostage to tech giants?

Has freedom of expression become hostage to tech giants?


The issues of digital data protection, data protection and, even more, freedom of expression have come to the fore again – first with the decision of social media companies to block US President Donald Trump, and then with WhatsApp’s brazen move to allow users force you to agree to new data protection regulations rules that enable the exchange of personal data with Facebook.

While many greeted Twitter, Facebook, Amazon for closing Trump’s account and Google for blocking access to YouTube for allegedly inciting rioters in Washington on January 6th. These companies have also blocked real protesters in the past.

Be it in Kashmir or activists who speak against the Indian citizenship law or the Palestinians against the Israeli occupation, have in the past been exposed to the wrath of these four big technology companies.

The Palestinian journalist Hani al-Shaer Facebook The account was deleted for the tenth time over a three-year period last October.

Al-Shaer worked in the Gaza Strip and said …

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