Halo and Ghostbusters themes are now available on Waze for Android and iOS users

Halo and Ghostbusters themes are now available on Waze for Android and iOS users

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  • For a limited time, Waze users can activate a new Halo theme in the app, which will allow them to use the voice of Commander Agryna or Jega Moods to navigate, as well as change their cars’ icons on the live map to Razorback or Brute Chopper. Finally, Waze users can update their profiles Mood to Commander Agryna or Jega Moods. Ghostbusters fans will be getting something too, as Waze is bringing similar themed content to Android and iOS. In celebration of Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s release on November 19, the following new features will be available for Waze users for a limited time:

  • Waze, a navigation service, announced new collaborations with Microsoft and Sony Pictures Entertainment to provide Halo and Ghostbusters-themed content to Android and iOS users. For a limited time, voices, icons, and profile customisation choices from both franchises will be available on the Waze app. With the second Waze-Halo partnership, Android and iOS users will be able to update their Halo experience with two new Moods and two new vehicles to pick from.

Change their car icon to the Ecto-1, the iconic vehicle used by the Ghostbusters in the films to bust ghosts around New York City. Locate nearby screenings of the movie through Ghostbusters Pins that appear on the Waze map when drivers are near a cinema showing the film. Be among the first to buy tickets through a ‘book tickets’ option that appears when users search for ‘cinema locations’ on Waze. The Halo theme will be available on Android and iOS globally, while the Ghostbusters theme is limited to Waze drivers in the United States.
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