Half-Life 3 could have influenced BioShock 4

Half-Life 3 could have influenced BioShock 4

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  • These rumours come from podcaster and game journalist Colin Moriarty on the latest episode of his Sacred Symbols PlayStation podcast. Reportedly the Cloud Chamber-developed BioShock 4 is targeting a 2022 release, is internally codenamed “Parkside” – which has been rumoured previously – and “the development team has incredible latitude to get it right”, according to Moriarty.

  • It’s probable that a handful of BioShock 4 details have been leaked. If the rumours are true, we may now know the new BioShock’s intended time period, setting, and even city name — and some of these details may sound familiar to Half-Life 3 fans.

While all this is rumour until announced, sources at VGC and Eurogamer support Moriarty’s findings. The game will supposedly take place in the 1960s – the same time period as the original BioShock. It’s the setting, however, that might resonate with Half-Life 3 devotees – as BioShock 4’s version of Rapture or Columbia may be an “Antarctic city called Borealis”.

BioShock 4 was finally confirmed two years ago this month, although to date the only solid-ish detail we have about the eagerly-awaited sequel is that it’ll probably be an open-world game – and hopefully a bit more of an RPG too. Regardless, it’s welcome to the Borealis name, since Half-Life 3 doesn’t seem to be in any sort of serious production at Valve.

As previously revealed by Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw, Half-Life 3 was supposed to take place in Antarctica and saw Gordon Freeman in search of the mysterious Aperture Sciences ship called the Borealis. This was all hinted at by both Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Portal 2, so it’ll be a rather big coincidence if BioShock 4 has the player visiting Antarctica in search of Borealis. Perhaps, if the rumours are true, it could be a fun nod to the much-yearned-for next instalment in the beloved FPS game series that has sadly never materialised. Sob.




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